Your artistic visions
brought to life
just for you!


Kendra has made a career out of creating artwork inspired by the Masters and by meeting the desires of her clients. By clear, concise communication and preparation, you will have delivered in a timely fashion, new art to inspire viewers by your vision being brought to life.

All artists are creative, that's what we are all about! Most have a unique style that is easily identified. Kendra is unique in her own creative style. But what separates her from others is her professionalism and broad style range. She meets deadlines. She keeps in touch with you throughout all stages of development. And, here's her Master Talent: her styles vary according to the wants and needs of her clients. Viewers can look at her work and know that it is what "they" saw from inception. Clients can tell that it is through their creative mind that Kendra Pearl creates their artwork.

No one else does it this way: Kendra Pearl is the vessel that delivers for the client, through the client.

Studio-Kendra has a staff to pull framing and all other components to make it all happen for you.

Her Portfolio includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Portraits
  • Impressionistic Representations of Clients' Views
  • Web sites
  • Professional Cartoons
  • Children's Color Portraits
  • Greeting Cards
  • Biblical Story Paintings and Drawings
  • Sculptures
  • Michigan State Spartan Lawn Sculpture
  • Teaches Art Classes to Children and Adults
  • She will work with you by creating a piece capturing details of your favorite Master's works