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About Kendra Pearl

Kendra is the owner and resident artist of Studio-Kendra.

A self-taught artist who studied at the Corcoran School of Art and Design, Washington DC & Georgetown.

Studio-Kendra is located in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Kendra is a trained color theorist, illustrator, painter and sculptor who delivers the requests of her clients. Born and raised in south-central Pennsylvania of a mailman and a housewife and seamstress, Kendra has a full spectrum of ideas, experiences, and skills to create unique works of art from concept through finished-and-framed. She is a self-taught artist who also studied at the Corcoran School of Art & Design in Washington DC., and Georgetown. She is active in the community and has created a portfolio of artwork for both individuals and businesses. With a deep passion to create art that fulfills her customers’ desires, she excels in her art. She has a unique design style that continues to be refined based upon studies, training and years of hard work. She is also active with other artists in the region both as a volunteer and teacher. Her most defining trait is the ability to create in the vast styles: realism, impressionism, cubism, pointillism, abstract, expressionism, fauvism and surrealism.

Kendra is one of the few artists that can work in all the styles of art and make it breath through the canvas. So no matter what style you like, she can bring it forth from within.

Kendra’s art can be found in multiple states both in homes and businesses. Kendra and her artwork are represented at The Blue Olive Galleries, Pittsburgh, PA. Other Pennsylvania businesses that display her beautiful artwork can be found at Picking, Treece, Bennette Mortuary; The Joyce Murtha Breast Cancer Institute; Frank Duca Funeral Home; as well as many churches and homes. Kendra’s art will be featured at several exhibitions in 2013. is the business of the month for the month of November at the Somerset Trust Company, Westmont Branch, Johnstown, PA. Stop in and see what rotation of pieces she has on view.

Meet the staff at Somerset Trust Company that has helped to bring this business to where it is now. Thank you, Somerset Trust Company, for all you do!