Your artistic visions
brought to life
just for you!

Kendra Pearl

Kendra Pearl

An amazing artist that is creative with every aspect of the business.

A trained Color Theorist, illustrator, painter and sculptor who is driven to meet the needs of her clients. She has an unending spectrum to create totally unique works from concept to finished-and-framed.

Her works are often noted for containing elegance and precise blending of colors. Her professor described her as "blending colors most like the Masters who were also Color Theorists." Kendra has illustrated children's books and created portraits in a dramatic illustrative form capturing the character of the subject.

Kendra is a master at creating pieces that are deeply personal and reflective of her clients' concept. Her experience and passion for her work is obvious.

How can Kendra meet your artistic needs:

  • Color Theories for your home or business will reflect what colors you should choose to set the mood of the room. More specifically, these colors will be chosen according to the type of light as well as the layout of the room. When completed, the color will lead the mind to focus on your main activity or functionality of the room;
  • Painting composed of colors and styles that you wish in your home or business;
  • Commissioned pieces for that hard-to-buy-for friend or family;
  • Illustrations of retiring business leaders surrounded by those that have supported them for years; and
  • Your artistic visions brought to life just for you!